Experience makes the Difference!

Years of Service at Snelling Staffing Services

Gene Crites – 38
Leta Page – 38
CJ Johnson – 21
Marsha Melton – 20
Michael Godinez – 19
Melissa Brown – 19
Dawn Keeling – 12
Heather Doolittle – 11
Kat Villanueva – 5
Lisa McNeill – 4
Nicole Sharp – 3
Michelle Lira – 1

Staffing Team

Back Row: Kat Villanueva, Staffing Manager; Nicole Sharp MBA, Director of Operations; Michael Godinez, Business Development Manager; Heather Doolittle, Staffing Manager

Front Row: Lisa McNeill, Payroll Assistant; Leta Page, Career Staffing Manager; CJ Johnson, Business Development Manager; Michelle Lira, Administrative Assistant (not pictured)

Payroll Team

Melissa Brown, Payroll Administrator; Marsha Melton CPA, Administrative Manager; Gene Crites, Owner/General Manager; Dawn Keeling, Payroll Administrator